These two parallel film where shot without sound so we had to build everything from scratch. I recorded the Honda Type-R and Civic with 14 microphone to cover all perspectives. We then build the whole sound design round the car. The films play linearly with each other and the once the viewer presses the letter 'R' on their keyboard then you watch the Type-R film. We worked closely with composer Haxon Cloak to build a score that harmoniously whilst switches between both films and the sound design. This campaign was the most awarded digital campaign of 2015. It won sound design awards for British Arrows Craft / D&AD / Cannes Lion / New York Festival / Shots / LIA / The One Show & Clio.

Production Company : Somesuch & Stink Digital
Agency : Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Director : Scott Dungate
Director : Daniel Wolfe
Composer : Haxon Cloak
Sound Design : Tom Joyce & Anthony Moore
Produced whilst working at Factory